Recent News

In March this year we featured saxophonists Ian Price, Paul Greenwood, Julian Nicholas and trombonist Mark Bassey. There were also guest performances by guitarists Andy Williams, Nigel Price and Nils Solberg in April and May, Tobie Carpenter and Matt Wall in June and July.  

We pay our respects to Ian Price who sadly passed away recently. Those of you who saw him play will know how talented he was. We are all shocked that he isn't around anymore to continue sharing and developing his playing as he deserved. 

In August, Rod our house pianist was away playing at Brecon and the Wilderness Festivals but left the chair in the capable hands of Simon Robinson and Mark Edwards. Our most recent guest soloist was Jack Kendon (Trumpet) who played up a storm last week. 
Sat 28th features Matt Wall (Guitar) Don't miss this opportunity to hear a well renowned soloist. 

Rod is away throughout September but Paul Whitten (Bass) and Dave Trigwell (Drums) will be resident each week with guests Tobie Carpenter (Guitar) Simon Robinson (Piano) Terry Seabrook (Piano) and John Donaldson (Piano)

Some videos have found their way onto the web here